A platform that allows you to easily sell or buy a new car.

Publish cars up for auction, get new customers, increase sales!
New auction every week

Display selected cars at the upcoming auction, set minimum prices and additional costs. Find a customer and increase your sales.

Attractive commission system

No hidden charges. In our price list you will find information on how much you will pay for the display and sale or purchase of a car, and a specific amount will appear at the bidding stage.

Comprehensive and intuitive interface

The easy-to-use interface allows you to manage your cars and their sales:

  • Add multiple photos and descriptions in different languages,
  • duplicate similar cars,
  • auction multiple cars in one click.
  • Immediate notifications

    You will be informed about everything that happens at your auctions.
    The system sends out notifications about, among others:
  • new bids placed on your cars,
  • pending offers,
  • to end auctions and car sales.
  • Win foreign clients

    The system is available in many languages. All dictionary data, such as car type, drive, gearbox are automatically translated. You can add additional descriptions in all available languages.

    Predictable course of the auction

    Each auction is held on the same basis:

  • the seller publishes a car with a minimum price,
  • the auction lasts for a certain time,
  • Each new bid extends the duration of the auction,
  • Bids with a price above the minimum are automatically accepted,
  • the seller has time to accept offers below the minimum price.
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    Car price Listing fee Commission on the sale Purchase commission
    Up to 10,000.00 CHF 0.00 CHF Free 150.00 CHF 0.00 CHF Free
    Up to 30,000.00 CHF 0.00 CHF Free 1.5% 0.00 CHF Free
    Up to 1,000,000.00 CHF 0.00 CHF Free 450.00 CHF 0.00 CHF Free
    Rows 1 to 3 of 3
    The above prices are net prices. VAT tax will be added depending on buyers/sellers country.